The Barkin’ Wellness Waggin’ is a veterinary clinic that travels to YOUR HOME! If you have a pet that is terrified to travel in the car, or you don’t like waiting in a waiting room with your scared pet surrounded by barking dogs, or if you just want the convenience of not leaving your home, we are the place to call! We bring our veterinary vehicle to your house. How it works- If your pet is well enough, you bring your pet to the Barkin’ Wellness Waggin’ truck on a leash or in a carrier and we take care of your pet in our fully equipped exam area. If your pet is unable to leave the house, we are able to come into your home and examine your pet there. Less Stress on your pet is a Happy Pet!

Our vehicle is equipped with a radiology machine, surgery suite and dental area! We are not a grooming facility. Check our website, ,for our most common visit pricings. We are a veterinary clinic on WHEELS!